A Short, Sweet Little Taste of Content for SEO

What is content for SEO? If you want to think of it in technical terms, you’ll need to consider that there is:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

On page SEO content is, basically, what I do – I’m a copywriter. It is copywriting of the pages in a strategic way, and interlinking those pages to each other.

Off-page SEO content is primarily what’s behind the scenes and fostered by your web designer. It’s sometimes referred to as the site architecture, or coding.

On-page content for SEO needs to be continually produced and posted to give the spiders something new to find. Here are some ideas of content for SEO:

A series of key-worded blogs

Most common in the field of content marketing, you’ll note that companies create blogs. And a good blog must be continually primed with content for SEO.

If they are designed to attract organic SEO traffic, the blogs will contain a series of words and phrases that folks will be searching for on Google.

When these phrases are repeated again and again, they eventually get the company a higher ranking in the search engine results pages.

Content for SEO

Your website content and landing pages

Creating pages on your website specific to what you do increases your chances of being found on the internet for that product or service. If you’re hyper-local, you need to ensure your language is, too.

For each service a business offers, it’s not unusual to consider content for SEO as part of the page strategy. Instead of services, you’d name a page, SEO copywriting or SEO copywriter in Philadelphia.

 The way you title and alt-title photos

It’s important to make sure your photos are aptly named by what you do, such as: SEO copywriter, and the alt-title, copywriter SEO.

If someone on the internet is searching for you, they’ll find these photos that lead them to your website. It’s also another way to tell search engines what your page I about.

Videos and infographics

Content for SEO does not need to be limited to written work like blogs and landing pages.  Videos and infographics are great traffic generators to your website.

The key is to make sure your video is title correctly, such as, 6 Content for SEO Tips for a Copywriter in Philadelphia. If someone is searching for any of those terms, they’ll find my video.

On a big picture, content for SEO is definitely not as easy as this article might imply. For one, as more and more content is posted, it needs to be tracked via a website analytics program, such as Google Analytics.

Second, if you haven’t researched your strategy before you get started, your content for SEO might not be getting searched very frequently.

So, if you want to product good content for SEO:

  • Research your keywords
  • Develop a calendar of topics
  • Write your content for SEO
  • Ensure it’s all correctly interlinked
  • Test, measure, readjust and create more content

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