Garlic Oil

Garlic oil is one of humanity’s most enduring medicines, with its documented use stretching back many thousands of years and spanning the globe.

Over two thousand studies have been completed into the various health benefits of garlic, which are proven to be many and varied.

Most renowned and effective

Garlic is an extremely interesting plant, containing a wide variety of useful and beneficial chemical compounds and substances, perhaps the most renowned of which is allicin, a sulfuric compound.

Allicin is also what gives garlic its distinctive smell and taste.

garlic oil

In a whole clove of garlic, the allicin content is actually surprisingly low, and the health benefits if consumed just this way would be small.

It is the crushing of garlic, and the releasing of allicin from the cell walls of the garlic, allowing it to react and form new chemical compounds with its surrounding elements, that really gives garlic its most profound and useful health benefits.

The downside of this, however, is that allicin is quite unstable and does not last for very long once released. It is destroyed quickly in the stomach of an animal, and urine contains no trace of it after a person consumes garlic.

Blood tests, also, will fail to detect its presence.

For this reason, many garlic supplements use protective coatings which prevent them from being digested in the stomach, so that they may deliver their miracle package directly to the small intestine, where the allicin can be safely absorbed.

As a by-product of this, the protective coating also ensures against garlic breath.

Best possible uses of Garlic oil

The most widely documented benefits of garlic include its role as an antioxidant, fighting harmful free radicals in the body and therefore protecting the cardiovascular and immune systems amongst other things.

It is an anti-clotting agent, helping prevent platelets in the blood from becoming stuck together and therefore reducing the risk of heart disease, heart attacks and strokes.

Tied in with this, garlic also helps to prevent atherosclerosis, which is the build-up of plaque in the arteries, causing them to harden and become blocked.

Garlic helps to lower levels of LDL, or ‘bad’ cholesterol, and raise the levels of HDL, or ‘good’ cholesterol, and plays a role in lowering blood pressure.

The combined effect of these major health benefits is that regular supplementation with garlic will not only make you healthier, it will make you feel noticeably healthier due to the improved blood flow and reinforced immune system implicit in the roles described above.

Role of garlic in cancer therapies

Several investigations are currently underway into the possible role of garlic in anti-cancer therapies.

These were partly inspired by the observation that some cultures where garlic is consumed in high amounts have a low incidence of certain types of cancer.

Preliminary findings suggest that garlic may well play a role in the prevention of some cancers, particularly those of the colon and stomach.

The antioxidant properties of garlic mean that it combats potentially harmful free radicals, and can help to protect against some substances that may prove toxic to the liver, particularly the painkiller called acetaminphen (marketed in some countries as Tylenol), which can be toxic to some individuals.

Garlic is also able to kill harmful viruses and bacteria, and can be used topically to treat fungal infections such as athlete’s foot.

Intake suggestions

The recommended daily dose of garlic is around four thousand micrograms, an amount roughly equivalent to that found in 2-4 average sized cloves of garlic.

Obviously, most people don’t want to eat garlic every day.

The incidence of divorce may be much higher if they did.

And so garlic supplements, particularly garlic oil, are a convenient dietary alternative.


Garlic is a powerful food with countless positive health benefits, and just about everybody would benefit from eating some garlic on a regular basis, especially with regard to their overall cardiovascular health.

Since this is not always convenient or even possible however, making a garlic supplement part of your daily diet is a smart choice.

The preferential form of garlic supplement is garlic oil. Garlic oil is usually extract of garlic combined with other vegetable oil.

It can be stored for a long period of time, and is convenient in the sense that it can either be taken orally, added to food and drink, or applied topically to treat infection.

Garlic oil is also absorbed faster through the tongue, rather than having to travel all the way through the digestive system in a protective coating, and so each dose of garlic oil versus say a garlic pill will retain more of the active ingredient, be more efficient, and get to work faster.


Garlic oil is also available in capsule form which retains the potency of the oil without the taste or smell that some find unpleasant.

Garlic oil ointment is rubbed into the skin where it is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.

It is useful for topical application in the case of wounds or rashes, whilst conferring all the benefits of garlic to the rest of your body simultaneously.

There are few reported side-effects of supplementing with garlic oil, but if you do experience unusual symptoms you should stop taking the garlic oil and see your doctor immediately.

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