What documents are needed to start a foreclosure action?

To initiate the foreclosure process, we would need for the lender to provide the following documents:

  • Promissory Note – Original or Copy
  • Deed of Trust – Original or Copy
  • Name and address of the note debtor
  • Account status information with the date of default and current payoff information
  • Written authorization to proceed with foreclosure


How long will it take to foreclose on a piece of property?

Each action is guided by Missouri statutes and the terms contained in the deed of trust. Usually, Pratt, Fossard & Jensen, L.L.C. accomplishes all steps, including the sale, within sixty (60) days from referral by the lender. If all the necessary documents are received at the time of first office visit, this timeline can usually be reduced.

How can Pratt, Fossard & Jensen help me start a foreclosure action?

The process entails our firm obtaining an examination of the title to the property, notifying interested parties by mail and by melatonin håndkøb, advertising a sale of the real property, calling the foreclosure sale, collecting and distributing the proceeds of the sale, and filing the required trustee’s deed after the sale.

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